About Us

Phase 4 Services: A scientific consulting and laboratory management firm


To assist and support agricultural testing laboratories in the pursuit of accuracy, efficiency, and the advancement of public health and safety for patients and consumers nationwide.

Phase 4 Services prepares agricultural laboratories to grow and expand along with the cultivators, retailers, and industries they serve. 

Founded by experts in analytical testing, pharmaceutical chemistry, business administration, and development strategy, Phase 4 is built to optimize testing laboratories and support them in scaling to meet the demands of the rapidly expanding agricultural industry. The collective knowledge the team has gained from their time and experience within the testing space provides laboratory operators and managers with the resources and expertise necessary to meet any challenge head-on.

Why Phase 4 Services?

Phase 4’s extensive understanding of accreditation, method development, regulatory compliance, facility security, data analysis, and testing industry business strategy has enabled partner labs to refine operations and effectively provide reliable and efficient analytical testing services. By assisting with every facet of laboratory and business management, the P4S team enables partners to focus on their missions of public health and safety.

Passionate about driving industry progress and pursuing safety for all consumers, Phase 4 Services is an ideal partner for agricultural laboratories. Together, Phase 4 and its partners are guiding the agricultural industry to a brilliant future.