E-Learning Solutions

Web-based training is designed to educate your staff and offer certifications that make it easy to document staff competencies and help maintain ISO compliance. Courses include:

Management System Training

Management System Awareness

ISO/IEC 17015:2017 details the requirements for the competence, impartiality, and consistent operation of laboratories. This course provides participants with a general overview and understanding of ISO/IEC 17025:2017 requirements and how they may be implemented in your lab.

Internal Auditor Training

Introduction to ISO/IEC 1901 is the guideline for auditing management systems as applied to ISO/IEC 17025:2017. Participants will learn about auditing principles and develop skills for performing high-value internal audits. The course includes hands-on exercises to plan, establish, implement, and maintain an audit program and focus on developing auditing methods, questioning techniques, and sampling evidence.

Cause Analysis and Corrective Action

This course provides participants with tools to react more successfully to events requiring corrective action. Participants will analyze case studies using various techniques of cause analysis and develop an understanding of corrective action selection for improvement.

Risk-Based Thinking

This course is an introduction to risk-based thinking from an international standards perspective. Participants will learn risk concepts from ISO/IEC 17025 and become familiar with tools used to assess risk in the laboratory.

Process Auditing

Learn methods and techniques to conduct process audits to provide valuable information to management on improving a system’s performance.

Leading an Audit Team

This course will go beyond basic internal training and provide guidance on leading effective audits of management systems for testing laboratories.

Technical Training

Introduction to Measurement Uncertainty

This course is a suitable introduction for both calibration and testing laboratories, focusing on the concepts and mathematics of the measurement of uncertainty evaluation process. The participant will gain an understanding of the statistical techniques required to estimate the measurement of uncertainty and will practice those skills to create basic uncertainty budgets.

Developing Decision Rules

The newest revision of ISO/IEC 17025 has requirements for laboratories when customers ask for statements of conformity associated with their test. Different decision rules have varying levels of risk that can cause the laboratory to make an incorrect decision for the customer, calling a good product bad or a bad product good. This course will provide guidance on developing decision rules.