Scientific Operations

Phase 4’s scientific services comprehensive suite of offerings developed to meet all laboratory scientific operations needs. Services include:

Pre-laboratory stage

Our team can help you select the right methods for your laboratory. From there, we assist with identifying instruments, ancillary equipment, reagents, CRMs, and consumables. With instrumentation and equipment needs identified, we can provide infrastructure requirements.


We will work with your team to install instruments and provide operational qualifications and performance verifications. Once the lab is ready to begin processing, we can assist with method installation, verification, and validation.

Proficiency tests

Once all methods are in place and validated, it’s time to perform proficiency tests. We can assist in selecting appropriate PTs and help you prepare blind samples and inter-laboratory comparisons. When operational, our services extend to instrument, method, and matrix troubleshooting support, ongoing method development support, method optimization, and research and development collaboration.